Prime World Wiki

This is a list of Achievements that can be earned in battle in Prime World.

Icon Name Requirements
SkillSupport.png Indispensable Fighter 4 or more consecutive assists without dying.
Vengeance.png Revenge Killed a hero who had recently killed an ally.
BaseStrike.png Base Attack Destruction of two enemy Armories.
BoundaryProtection.png Border Guard Killed an enemy hero with the help of a tower.
RitualMurder.png Ritual Kill Killed a hero with the Ceremonial Dagger.
Chase.png Pursuit Pursued and killed a hero.
Slaughter.png Massacre Quickly destroyed 20 or more enemy soldiers.
PureWay.png Breakthrough Destruction of three towers in a row.
SkillStorm.png Assault Mastery Destroyed 2 or more towers in a row without dying.
Domination.png Advantage Killed the same hero three or more times in a row without being killed by him or her.
DoubleAssist.png Partner Assisted in the simultaneous killing of 2 enemy heroes.
DoubleMurder.png Double Kill Killed 2 heroes simultaneously.
DragonKiller.png Dragonslayer Team kill of the Fire Drake.
Duel.png Duel Won a one-on-one battle.
FirstStorm.png First Assault Helped to destroy a tower for the first time.
FirstBlood.png First Blood First assist killing an enemy hero.
HuntMaster.png Master of the Hunt Killed 25 monsters.
KillingSpree.png Killing Spree Made 2 or more kills in a row without dying.
LiveLegend.png Living Legend Killed the Fire Drake without assistance.
MassAssist.png Team Player Helped simultaneously kill 3 or more heroes.
MassMurder.png Superb Fight Killed 3 or more heroes simultaneously.
SkillControl.png Masterful Control Killed 2 enemies using mind control.
Savior.png Savior Saved an ally from death by using protective spells.
VoluntaryVictim.png Willing Sacrifice Destruction of an allied tower to harm the enemy.
Vandalism.png Vandal Destruction of non-combat enemy buildings.
Punishment.png Nemesis Killed a hero which had previously held Domination over the player.
Minigame3.png Pinnacle Won 16 mini-game levels.
Minigame4.png Golden Master Series of mini-game wins (from level 3 on).
Minigame2.png Silver Master Series of mini-game wins (from level 5 on).
Svitki.png Ascension Series of mini-game wins (from level 7 on).
SkillFight.png Battle Master Killed 50 enemy soldiers.