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The Prime Machine – A Novel by Vadim Panov[]

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Written by best-selling author Vadim Panov, Primachine tells the story of Invariat and his brilliant and mysterious new invention – the Primachine. A world once torn apart by magic will find its uneasy peace shattered again...

The world of Praia used to be so beautiful. The great Empire and its flourishing peaceful provinces occupied the entirety of the large continent. But a monstrous Cataclysm destroyed the unified state, and two new nations rose up from the ashes: the Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia.

It quickly became clear that Prime, a mysterious substance that appeared in the world immediately after the Cataclysm, held incredible properties. It held the power to completely transform matter, heal, and even resurrect the dead.

To have Prime was to have power and authority. And so those who had once lived side-by-side as citizens of a single nation began competing with each other trying to find new applications for Prime and capture as many deposits of this substance as they could. Eventually the endless disputes over Prime lead to a full-scale war from which the Dokhts emerged as the victors. For a time, a fragile peace was forged between the Imperium and the Keepers, but, when the great scholar Bezvariat created the mysterious Primachine, the inhabitants of Praia soon found themselves face to face with a myriad of new problems...

The book is distributed in PDF and EPUB formats and can be downloaded for free from: