Jaeger and Wolf Dancer are part of the initial hero base Heros of Prime World belonging to The Imperium and The Keepers respectively. He is a Ranged carry.

Description and LoreEdit

The Imperium: JaegerEdit



He always felt suffocated inside those cramped stone walls. The youngest son of one of the lords, he spent more time in green forests than in his father’s castle. Amazingly, he found that the wild beasts obeyed his words. Even the proud wolves followed the boy’s orders without question. He begged his father to make him a game warden, and this future hero was soon respectfully called Jaeger by all. He made sure that everyone treated the woods with respect, as good stewards, and he used its resources wisely. However, Jaeger’s older brother, a great lover of hunting, considered the forest a source of profit and ignored his younger brother’s requests to treat it with care.

One day, a pack of vicious dogs surrounded a pack of snow wolves. In the heat of the hunt, the vile older brother ordered the deaths of the helpless animals, but Jaeger stood in his way. The furious older brother commanded his servants to get rid of this “nuisance.” His servants trained their spears at Jaeger, but the youth didn’t even flinch... he simply gave a quick command. His order gave strength to the wolves, and when wolves protect their master, nothing can stop them. The terrified servants fled in an instant.

Since then, Jaeger has never again been seen in the castle. Only when he heard of the war did he return to the world of men. The hero had heard that the wolves of the South were languishing in hunger and savage conditions and that the selfish Keepers did nothing to help their gray forest brethren. It was time to make them do that. Time for the enemy to see what disciplined fighters could do!

The Keepers: Wolf DancerEdit

Wolf dancer

Wolf Dancer

A forest fire was raging. People were fleeing for their lives, and in the chaos a little boy was lost in the dark thicket. A pack of wolves found the crying baby, and the females of the pack began to nurse him along with their own pups.

He grew with them and became one of them, a predator of the pack. The four-legged hunters considered him their brother, and the few people able to catch a glimpse of the nimble young man called him the Wolf Dancer.

The hero still remembered the human tongue and once overheard a conversation of preparations for a major jungle raid. The surrounding settlements were being tormented by a bloodthirsty tiger. He was responsible for many deaths, and the people had decided to hunt him down. The Dancer realized that many beasts would perish in the hunt; even his own beloved brethren would be in danger. He tracked down the saber-toothed monster, defeated him in a fierce battle, and brought his severed head to the village. From his broken shoulder, the new hero pulled a fang, which would become his Catalyst.

From that moment on, the people have come to him for help and advice, and the forest dwellers have felt safe. But the advent of the war forced the hero to act once more. The Imperium used wild animals in combat, forcing them to commit violence and suffer casualties. The animals of the Keepers fought, too, but only voluntarily, trying to protect their enlightened neighbors. The boy could not bear this abuse of his forest brethren and vowed to set them free.


Beast RushEdit

The hero and his wolves receive a chance of scoring a double hit.

Wolf CallEdit

The hero calls a wolf to his aid. If this talent is used on Native Terrain, the hero will be joined by a much stronger ally: an Elite Wolf.
After learning Wolf Brothers, the hero can summon two wolves at once. The Death Grip ability allows the wolves’ attacks to slow the enemy down, decreasing his Movement Speed.

Power of the PackEdit

Allies next to the hero and his wolves get a Strength bonus. The higher the hero’s Intellect and the more allies he has, the larger the bonus.

Piercing SpearEdit

The hero hurls a spear at the enemy, inflicting damage and making the target vulnerable to wolf attacks for a few seconds. After learning Curse of the Piercing Spear, enemies become cursed when hit: each subsequent attack inflicts more damage on the target and restores some of the attacker’s Health.

Great HuntEdit

The hero and his wolves announce a Great Hunt. For an extended period of time, the Agility of the hero and his wolves increases. The more wolves in the hero’s pack, the greater the increase in Agility. The duration of the Great Hunt is extended each time an enemy unit on the map is killed. After learning Hounding, the hero and his allies (both wolves and other heroes) receive a Speed bonus during a Great Hunt.


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