Prime World Wiki

The game slang is the set of terms used in the game that are specific to it or to games of the same genre.


  • Lane: The straight road that connects both sides. Minions travel through it, and they are defended by towers.
  • Bot: The lane in the bottom right half of the map.
  • Mid: The lane in the middle of the map.
  • Top: The lane in the top left half of the map.
  • Jungle: The camps of neutral mobs placed outside the lanes.


  • Laner: A player that fights in a lane.
  • Jungler: A player that fights in the jungle, without a fixed lane.
  • Roamer: A player that has no fixed lane but doesn't jungle. They move around the map, ganking the three lanes.
  • Counter-jungler: A player that fights in the enemy's jungle, depriving the enemy jungler of mobs or killing them.
  • DD: "Damage Dealer"; a character whose main role is doing damage.
  • Carry: A character who, if they live long enough and farm efficiently, can destroy the enemy team and effectively "carry" their team to victory. They are usually squishy, so you have to protect them.
  • Squishy: A character who is vulnerable, with low HP and/or defenses.
  • Tank: A character with a high amount of health and/or defenses that can withstand a lot of damage.
  • Support: A character whose role is helping the rest of the team by healing or buffing.


  • Gank: An ambush or surprise attack with the objective of catching the enemy off-guard to kill them more easily, before they can defend themselves properly.
  • Farming: Focusing on earning prime efficiently, by last-hitting all minions. While you get prime just by being close to them, you get extra prime if you last-hit them.
  • Last Hitting: Dealing the killing blow to the minion/hero.
  • Backdooring: Sieging an enemy structure when your mobs are fighting the enemy mobs far away from you.
  • Focusing: Targeting a single objective, be it a hero, a structure or a neutral objective (like the Dragon).
  • Snowballing: Taking an advantage and using it to earn an even greater advantage, like taking a kill thanks to a jungle gank and, when the enemy comes back to lane, killing him again, effectively increasing your advantage and making laning a hell for your enemy.
  • Comeback: Turning the tide of the match, so a player or team that was losing ends up winning.


  • B: Go "B"ack; retreat.
  • Miss/SS: The enemy of the laner who says this is not in their lane, and therefore you have to be careful because they could be planning to ambush you.
  • MIA: "Missing in Action"; same as Miss/SS.
  • NH: "No Hero"; same as Miss/SS.
  • Re: The enemy of the laner who says this has returned to the lane.


  • AoE: "Area of Effect"; a talent that applies its effect over an area of the ground rather than a single target.
  • Ult: "Ultimate"; the strongest hero-specific talent the hero has.
  • Buff: A talent that temporarily increases a hero's characteristics.
  • CC: "Crowd control"; A talent that slows, stuns, or otherwise disables a hero's movement.
  • Burst: A talent that does a large amount of damage at once.
  • Proc: A talent that has a chance of being activated when the hero attacks.


  • MOBA: "Multiplayer Online Battle Arena"; the genre of games to which Prime World belongs.
  • KDA: The Kill/Death/Assist ratio of a player.
  • Rune/Glyph: The boost that appears on the bottom or top half of the river in Outpost map and from Woodhose in Gold Camps in Borderlands Map.
  • Creep/Minion/Mob/Monster: The friendly or hostile non-player characters that patrol the lanes or the neutral creatures in the jungle.