A group of heroes

Heroes are the main part of the player's army in Prime World. Normal footsoldiers don't stand a chance against them. However, they are very expensive, and losing your heroes means almost certain defeat.

All heroes can be upgraded with new abilities, and if the player uses the right tactics heroes will slaughter their enemies.

Official descriptionEdit

"In Prime World, might is right, meaning your supremacy will demand the most out of your chosen heroes. Mighty knights and mages are few but they will obey you – especially if you offer rich rewards. Strengthen your army so they can accomplish more ambitious tasks but make sure to send the right heroes to fight the right battles. It’s not just enough to hire a hero for your army. Training is necessary to learn new talents, which if selected correctly, can help your heroes develop into unstoppable warriors. Every battle in Prime World is unique because even the most gifted heroes can use a few talents at once. By combining your available abilities and upgrading them, you’ll turn ordinary skills into amazing, powerful talents. Illustrious heroes constantly change their fighting style, using and developing hundreds of skills. Only you can narrate the story of these great heroes by unleashing them in battle!"
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